Which Murphy bed is best for your space ?

Discover the difference between the horizontal and vertical configurations below and how you can benefit from each configuration set up.

The vertical Murphy bed mounts upright and requires about 83-88 inches height and when you open the bed you need about 86 inches wall to wall.

A vertical Murphy bed is great for any spaces that have regular ceiling height of 83-88 inches depending on the size of your Murphy bed from the floor to the ceiling .This vertical set up allows endless customization option such as placing bookcases on the sides of the bed cabinet to add even more storage which makes this Murphy bed set up a very attractive and modern option for any space .This is great option for everyday use since it is like a regular bed after you open it and of course the bed conveniently hides away when not in use.  

The Horizontal Murphy bed mounts sideways and requires about 62-68 inches height and 68 inches wall to wall when you open the bed.

A horizontal murphy bed is great option for basements,low ceiling and small room.

This is a great option for everyday use and of course the bed conveniently hides away when not in use.